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Top 7 Best Turntables Under $500

The vinyl revival is in full swing. Many of you will be first-time turntable buyers looking to make a turntable the new centerpiece of your Hi-fi system, while some of you might be looking to replace your existing record player and take your audio to the next level. Whatever your reason, this list of the …

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Top 8 Best Turntables Under $300

Whether you’re new to vinyl or dusting off old records and coming back, a turntable is what you’ll need to transform those vinyl grooves into music.  Truth be told, a budget of $300 for a turntable isn’t much for what is traditionally an expensive hobby. That said, there are affordable record players that not only …

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Audio Technica AT-LP120X Turntable Review

For a long time, the Audio Technica AT-LP120 has been one of the most highly praised entry-level turntables. While there are plenty of budget turntables that cost under $200, the AT-LP120 offered a big step up for just a few extra dollars. Notably, an elliptical (vs spherical) stylus and the very nice AT95E cartridge, a …

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The 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $200

Bookshelf speakers are the bestselling type of loudspeaker, largely owing to their size and versatility. They can be placed just about anywhere and be used within almost any audio setup. While soundbars are all the rage these days, a good pair of bookshelf speakers has the potential to sound a lot better and offer much …

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Polk S15 Bookshelf Speakers Review

Polk have a somewhat crowded selection of bookshelf speaker options around the ~$200 price point: TSi200, RTi A1 and Signature S15. Despite having the most power, the sound quality on the TSi200 is fairly mediocre. Meanwhile the RTi A1 (full review here) is less powerful than the TSi200, but sounds great and has a beautiful …

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House Of Marley Stir It Up Turntable Review

House of Marley is an audio manufacturer that was founded in 2012 in collaboration with the Marley family. The company’s eco-conscious identity means they use mindfully sourced materials, such as bamboo, FSC™ certified wood and recyclable aluminum to manufacture their products. Their whole line of products look beautiful, and the ‘Stir It Up’ turntable is …

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Fluance Ai40 Powered Bookshelf Speaker Review

The biggest draw for active speakers has always been their ease of use. You don’t need to worry about how the amp and speakers wire together, nor do you have to worry about fine tuning them to sound good together. The Fluance Ai40 is one of the very few active speakers in its price bracket …

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Pioneer PL-990 Turntable Review

With the vinyl revival, many people are looking to start listening to music the old fashioned way. There is no debating that vinyl is traditionally an incredibly expensive hobby. The Pioneer PL-990, however, isn’t an expensive turntable. Pioneer are known for their direct-drive DJ turntables. But when it comes to belt-driven turntables, which are better …

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Edifier 1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker Review

After reviewing speakers for years, I’ve become quite numb to the plain box-shaped designs that are all over the market. When I learned that the bestselling budget bookshelf speakers on Amazon were all coming from a Chinese brand known as Edifier, I was eager to try them for myself. The first thing that struck me …

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Klipsch R-41M Bookshelf Speakers Review

Few loudspeaker brands are as well known as Klipsch, and while some audiophiles snub their sound as being loud and unrefined, others praise their exciting dynamics. For a long time, the Klipsch R-14M R-15M were among the best-selling budget bookshelf speakers, and the 2018 R-41M and R-51M are their direct successors in The Reference series. …

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