Best Closed Back Headphones in 2022: Complete Buyer’s Guide

When you think of headphones you most likely think of closed back headphones. These are the headphones with a hard plastic shell on the earcup.  While they don’t give you the same sense of openness in the sound you get with open-back headphones, they don’t leak sound and they block more outside noise. That makes …

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Top 5 Open Back Headphones For Gaming (2022)

It’s impossible not to be blown away by how far PC and video games have come over the last few decades. But it’s not just the graphics. The improvements to audio are just as important when it comes to creating the most immersive experience possible.  It’s no secret that headphones are the way to go …

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Best Headphones For Classical Music – Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking to immerse yourself in one of Beethoven’s legendary symphonies? Or how about some Brahm? Choosing the best headphones for classical music isn’t as simple as buying any expensive pair out there. Instead, we have to consider which headphones are best suited for the musical characteristics of the genre. Different genres of music have different …

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What’s the Difference between Open-Back And Closed-Back Headphones?

Headphones might all look and function the same – wear them over your head and they’ll pump sound into your ears.  However, it’s possible to classify any pair as either open-back or closed-back headphones. So what exactly is the difference? Open–back headphones have ear cups with perforated outer shells that let air inside and let …

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