Ion Audio Max LP Turntable Review

Vinyl records hold a special place in the world of music enthusiasts, blending nostalgia with the pure, warm sound that only vinyl can provide.

As we explore modern turntables that bridge the gap between analog and digital, the Ion Audio Max LP stands out. Offering a combination of affordability and functionality, this turntable is primarily designed to the curious newcomer. Good value for money makes it an appealing choice for those looking to experiment or to convert vinyl records into digital formats.

The Ion Audio Max LP excels in versatility, with the capability to play 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records in various sizes, encompassing the vast majority of vinyl records available. Not only does this turntable offer Bluetooth capability for wireless listening, but it also brings the convenience of built-in stereo speakers. For audiophiles looking for a more robust sound experience, it provides RCA outputs for connection to external speaker systems.

Our focus is on how well it meets the needs of its users, particularly those beginning their vinyl journey. We consider the ease of setup, the quality of its construction, and the overall performance. Among its features are a headphone jack for private listening sessions and an adjustable tone arm to enhance the listening experience. The Ion Audio Max LP positions itself as an entry-level turntable that doesn’t skimp on essential features while maintaining an accessible price point.

Quick Summary

The ION Max LP is a budget record player that makes sense for those looking to explore and experiment with vinyl, as it packs in all the features you might need, including playing 78s. Built-in stereo speakers mean you are ready to start listening out of the box, although the sound quality is very mediocre. Audiophiles should look elsewhere.

Design and Build Quality

Body and Aesthetics

The Ion Audio Max LP features a classic turntable design with a modern twist, sporting a wooden finish that blends with contemporary and traditional interiors. The compact and streamlined body not only makes it quite an attractive piece to display but also ensures it doesn’t look particularly out of place in any setting.

Materials and Durability

Constructed with a wood finish, the turntable gives a sturdy feel while also providing a touch of elegance. It is designed to be durable, handling the wear and tear of regular use without compromising the device’s integrity or performance.

Portability and Size

With dimensions considerate of space-saving, this turntable proves itself to be relatively portable. Its lightweight build allows for easy relocation, without the need for additional support or strenuous effort, making it an ideal companion for those who enjoy music in different settings of their home.

Setup Process

When we set up the Ion Audio Max LP Turntable, there are a few key steps we follow: understanding the contents provided during unboxing, going through the installation guide, and performing the initial calibration to ensure optimal performance.

Unboxing Experience

Upon opening the Ion Audio Max LP, we find the turntable itself, a felt slipmat, a 45 RPM adapter, a USB cable, and software for recording, which caters to our need for turning vinyl into digital files. The turntable is securely packed to prevent damage during shipping.

Installation Guide

We start the installation by placing the turntable on a flat, stable surface to prevent any unwanted vibrations. Then, we carefully place the platter on the spindle, align the belt with the motor pulley, and position the felt slipmat on top. After connecting the power and audio outputs, we ensure the built-in speakers or external speakers are ready for use. We then proceed to install the included software on our computer, following the step-by-step instructions for digital conversion.

Initial Calibration

For the initial calibration, we follow a precise approach. We begin by setting the anti-skate adjustment to the correct setting as advised in the user manual and then adjust the counterweight until the tonearm is balanced. This step is crucial for preventing unnecessary needle wear and for accurate tracking. Once these adjustments are tuned, we verify the playing speed using the 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM settings to match the record we wish to play.


We felt that the ION Max LP offered a good number of features for the price, including versatile connectivity options, built-in preamp, and convenient USB conversion feature.

Connectivity Options

The ION Audio Max LP includes multiple options to connect with a variety of audio systems. It can play 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, handling 7, 10, and 12-inch sizes. For private listening or a more immersive sound experience, you can connect to external speakers via its RCA outputs. It also features Bluetooth capability, allowing wireless streaming to Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

Built-In Preamp

Our turntable is equipped with a built-in preamp, making it possible to connect it directly to any audio system without the need for an external preamp. This feature simplifies the setup process and reduces the amount of equipment required, enabling a cleaner and more streamlined audio setup.

USB Conversion Feature

We appreciate the USB conversion feature, which enables users to convert their vinyl records into digital audio files. This process preserves your classic vinyl’s music in a modern format, ensuring you can enjoy your collection on various digital devices. This function is essential for both archiving and accessibility, making the ION Audio Max LP a valuable tool for vinyl enthusiasts looking to digitize their collections.


In our review of the Ion Audio Max LP Turntable, we focus on three critical aspects of performance: sound quality, tracking and skating, and speed consistency.

Sound Quality

The Ion Audio Max LP Turntable is equipped with built-in stereo speakers, which provide a convenient and integrated listening experience. However, for those who prioritize audio fidelity, external speakers are recommended to maximize sound quality. Users report that while these speakers are adequate for casual listening, they may not satisfy audio enthusiasts craving richer and deeper sounds.

Tracking and Skating

Our examination of the tracking and skating reveals that the Ion Audio Max LP functions well within its price bracket. It includes a standard tonearm setup that minimizes skating, ensuring that the stylus rests correctly in the record’s grooves. Users should note, proper setup is vital to prevent unnecessary wear on vinyl.

Speed Consistency

The turntable offers three-speed settings: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, accommodating various record formats. The belt-driven system tends to maintain consistent speeds with minimal variance, crucial for pitch-accurate playback. Users may occasionally need to adjust the belt to ensure optimal performance.


In our review, we focus on the robust and user-friendly software included with the Ion Audio Max LP Turntable, which enhances the turntable experience by allowing vinyl to digital conversion.

Included Software Capabilities

The Ion Audio Max LP comes with software that facilitates the conversion of vinyl records into digital audio files. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re looking to digitize your vinyl collection onto your computer. Here are some capabilities of the included software:

  • Conversion to Digital: Convert your vinyl records to digital formats like MP3.
  • Recording Functionality: Record vinyl audio directly to your computer.
  • Track Separation: Automatically separates tracks when recording albums.

Compatibility with Operating Systems

The software is compatible with Windows and Mac systems:

  • Windows-Compatible: Functional with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating systems.
  • Mac-Compatible: Works seamlessly on macOS, supporting users in the Apple ecosystem.

Pros and Cons

When evaluating the ION Audio Max LP Turntable, we identified distinct advantages and limitations that may influence your decision-making process.


  • Versatility: Capable of playing 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, it caters to various vinyl sizes and types, ensuring a broad range of use.
  • Convenience: Featuring Bluetooth capability, it offers wireless streaming and the ability to record vinyl to MP3, providing a modern touch to the classic vinyl experience.
  • Built-in Features: Comes with dual surround stereo speakers, which offer strong bass and decent sound quality for casual listening without the need for external equipment.
  • Design: Boasts a wood finish that enhances its aesthetic appeal, making it not only a functional piece but also an attractive addition to any room.


  • Speaker Quality: While the internal speakers are sufficient, they are nowhere near the quality of dedicated external speakers, which should be a major consideration for buyers.
  • Professional Use: As it is designed primarily for home use, it may not meet the needs of professional DJs or those looking for advanced features like pitch control and higher torque.

Comparison with Similar Turntables

In our exploration of the ION Audio Max LP Turntable, we’ll focus on how it stacks up against its competitors in terms of price to performance and feature range.

Price to Performance Ratio

The ION Audio Max LP Turntable is positioned as an affordable, all-in-one solution for vinyl enthusiasts. Its price-point makes it accessible for beginners. While it may not excel in any specific area compared to higher-end models, the value for money stands is quite impressive. Comparable turntables might offer improved components or sound quality, but often at a significantly higher cost.

Feature Set Comparison

When examining the feature set, the Max LP doesn’t skimp despite its lower price tag. It offers:

  • Built-in speakers
  • USB output for digital conversion
  • Capability to play 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records
  • Bluetooth functionality for wireless streaming (not commonly found in this price bracket)

In contrast, many competing models will require external speakers or lack Bluetooth capability, features that are notably included in the Max LP. This isn’t the first turntable we’d recommend around this budget (see others), but if you want compatibility with 78s, it’s one of your only options.

Customer Feedback

We’ve gathered a selection of feedback from existing customers and expert reviewers to give a clearer picture of the Ion Audio Max LP Turntable’s performance in real-world settings.

User Reviews

Users are generally impressed with the Ion Audio Max LP Turntable’s affordability and the range of features it offers. Many appreciate its ability to convert vinyl records to digital formats, noting this process is straightforward and user-friendly. However, some have mentioned that while the built-in speakers are convenient, they may not provide the audio quality a true audiophile is looking for.

  • Positive Feedback:
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Effective vinyl-to-MP3 conversion
  • Negative Feedback:
    • Built-in speakers lack power and fidelity
    • Some durability concerns over time

Final Verdict

We find the Ion Audio Max LP Turntable to be a solid choice for those new to vinyl. Its 3-speed belt drive accommodates various record types and the built-in speakers make it decent for casual listening.

For audiophiles or those seeking high-fidelity audio, the internal speakers may fall short, but the turntable does at least offer options for external speaker connectivity, enhancing its versatility somewhat.