Epiphany Acoustics EHP-1

Epiphany Acoustics is proud to present our first headphone amplifier – the EHP-1, a high power headphone amplifier perfect for driving the latest range of orthodynamic headphones, as well as mid to high end conventional dynamic headphones. It has been designed from the ground up to provide the headphones with an environment with no boundaries – it allows your headphones to breathe. Offering an unrivalled 2+ Watts into 32 Ohms, the Class A, dual-mono amplifier gives superlative headroom and unsurpassed stereo imaging, meaning that you get the very best from your headphones and your music collection, whatever your chosen source.

This is achieved using highly optimised National Semiconductor op amps and a high power MOSFET output stage all supported by a linear regulated low noise, high voltage power supply.  Two single channel op amps in their audiophile shielded ‘metal can’ package are used as opposed to one dual channel chip to improve stereo separation and imaging whilst reducing crosstalk distortion. The result is spectacularly effortless musical presentation whilst maintaining all the bite and attack of a powerful solid state design.

The EHP-1 offers all of this alongside a host of features which make this an extremely flexible piece of hi-fi:

  • On the back of the unit you will find a line-out, allowing you to simply slot the unit between your source and your chosen amplifier, with absolutely no degradation in quality of the sound. 
  • The EHP-1 can also be used as a high quality pre amplifier in itself by simply connecting a power amplifier to the variable outputs on the back of the unit and is controlled by the “Blue Velvet” volume pot on the front of the unit. 
  • The amplifier can be used in both 230V and 120V regions by a switch on the rear of the unit. 

The amplifier is finished in a custom steel enclosure with a solid walnut front panel, engraved brass nameplate and a solid aluminium volume knob ensuring not only immense pride of ownership and longevity, but also the knowledge that the circuitry is being shielded from unwanted external noise and RF radiation. 

Note: the enclosure will be slightly modified before the first batch, including the removal of the screws on the top and forming the top and sides out of one continuous piece of steel. The overall look will be one of a smoother and flusher fit. New knobs will be manufactured in the future allowing some choice when purchasing. Those who order the EHP-1 before the knob choices are available will be offered to switch to the alternative knob completely free of charge. Specifications and RRP subject to minor changes before final release. We will only invoice you for your amplifier once it is ready to be shipped. You have the right to withdraw from the pre order list at any time. 

As you are able to see below, the combination of the design and the component choices used in the EHP-1 result in very impressive specifications normally found only in much more expensive amplifiers. 

  • Very high power output: up to 3W into 32 Ohms, up to 2W into 50 Ohms
  • Ultra low total harmonic distortion and noise; the op amps are rated at 0.00003%
  • 1 x line out for signal pass through capability
  • 1 x variable output so that the EHP-1 can act as a high quality pre-amplifier
  • 1 x stereo RCA input
  • Extremely high quality linear regulated power supply included

Component choices:
We have put a lot of thought into which components we use in order to maximise the quality of the amplifier and accompanying power supply. Below are some of the premium components you will find in the EHP-1. 

  • High performance, specially optimised single channel operational amplifiers in the premium ‘metal can’ packages, which off superior audio performance
  • 0.1% tolerance Vishay resistors with extremely good thermal stability specifications in critical positions in the amplifier section
  • Precision 1% tolerance Xicon metal film resistors with excellent thermal stability used through out the amplifier and power supply sections
  • 8000μF of filter capacitance using ultra low ESR capacitors to improve ripple rejection and offer superior power supply performance
  • High quality polyester capacitors used widely, with a number of polypropyplene capacitors used in critical places
  • Alps RK27 (“Blue Velvet”) volume potentiometer
  • A large, high power toroidal transformer for minimum transformer hum and noise and maximum efficiency
  • All components are RoHS compliant and lead free to minimise environmental damage

A big question is how does the EHP-1 offer the best components and specifications in the price range by such a large margin? The answer comes down to simply because you are buying directly from the manufacturer. The price is free from dealer mark ups, costs to cover the cost of a retail shop, the cost of employing a sales assisstant and a whole host of other things. Ultimately, this means that you are paying for the quality headphone amplifier, the music and absolutely no more. 

There are of course many other advantages of buying from a manufacturer. It is our amplifier – we care deeply about customer satisfaction and as such will go out of our way to resolve queries and questions using the detailed knowledge that only we, as the designers, have. It also makes us more flexible with regards to customer feedback. When you tell us, we really listen and have the ability, where necessary, to make changes or modifications. A prime example of this is the variable output offered by the EHP-1. This was suggested during development by a prospective customer and we thought it was a very good idea. So we added it. That is the kind of service that you just can’t get from an independant dealer.

The Environment
The Class-A design, although being the absolute best for high fidelity amplification, is inefficient and uses more electricity than other designs. We are conscious of the environmental impact of hi-fi, so for each sale, we will make a donation on your behalf to Carbon Footprint to offset 1/2 a tonne of carbon.

The EHP-1 amplifier is lead-free and RoHS complaint, further making it kinder to the environment.